BLT Themes releases Gallant

by rwthemes on March 14, 2012

Gallant is a great new theme by new RapidWeaver developer BLT Themes. This particular theme is a what’s called a “responsive” theme, which simply means it automatically adjusts the layout of your RapidWeaver site depending the device being used to view it.

So, for example, an iPhone visitor to your website will see a different, optimized layout compared to an iPad user, or someone visiting from a regular desktop browser.

We’re glad to see more themes like this being released. NimbleHost was the first RapidWeaver themes developer to offer mobile-enabled themes, starting with their Unity theme back in early 2009. Recently, more developers, like BLT Themes, NCD Themes, and others, are also releasing themes that are mobile compatible.


NCD Themes Releases J Line and E Quinox

by rwthemes on December 21, 2011

We’re a little late getting this info out, but NCD Themes has released two new RapidWeaver themes, J Line and E Quinox. As usual, exquisite design can be found in both themes, and if you’re looking to create a great looking site in RapidWeaver with little effort, either of these themes would be a good choice.

Perhaps the only drawback is they don’t appear to have as many layout options as, say, an Ultimate theme from SeyDesign, or one of the iPhone compatible desktop themes from NimbleHost. But, that being said, if you can work within the layout options listed then be sure to check out NCD Themes for more info.


seyDesign Releases EHVolver

July 7, 2011

This past week prominent 3rd party theme developer seyDesign released a new RapidWeaver theme, EHVolver. Probably the most notable aspect of this release is the brand new “slideshow engine” Adam (of seyDesign) calls SeyDoggy Slideshow 3. This new slideshow engine allows for more flexibility when creating slideshows – and those slideshows are not just limited […]

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RapidWeaver Developers in Japan

March 18, 2011

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard that Japan was struck by a massive earthquake last week. There are many RapidWeaver users in Japan, and one RW developer that we know of – NimbleHost. Apparently NimbleHost’s RapidWeaver operations are based out of Tokyo. There’s more info about how NimbleHost has been affected by the earthquake in this thread on […]

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Recent RapidWeaver Theme Updates

March 6, 2011

Seems like RapidWeaver theme developer NimbleHost has been quite busy recently. They’ve released two theme-related updates since the beginning of 2011. Mirage saw a complete overhaul to version 2, and Qube was bumped to version 1.4. Both are significant updates, but Mirage almost seems like a brand new theme. The design has been refined considerably, and […]

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March 2, 2011

Just last week Marten Claridge over at released the iCentral iPhone app. This iPhone app is devoted to all things RapidWeaver, and is a great way to keep your pulse on what’s going on in the vibrant RapidWeaver community. With new themes, plugins, and stacks being released all the time, it’s often hard to […]

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Glide RapidWeaver theme adds iPad support

August 1, 2010

This week 3rd party RapidWeaver developer NimbleHost released a major update to their Glide RapidWeaver theme. Glide now includes full iPad support, in addition to the built-in iPhone support, making Glide an even better option for RapidWeaver users who want to make mobile friendly websites with less work (sounds great!) For more information visit NimbleHost […]

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